Using Our Contents

You Can Use Our Contents, But…….

…here are some things you need to know.

Naijapolitoons is a social-political commentary and over-watch outfit, with the main aim of shedding light and exploring scenarios in both local and international political sceneries. Hence, our contents are for the internet’s consumption. We want them as far and widely distributed as possible.

This means, our contents are available to be used by third parties. For non-commercial purposes, it’s important that you notify us via mail at It would also be appreciated if you tagged (or referenced) us on any of the platforms or publications where our contents are featured.

Reusing our contents for commercial purposes also requires that you send a request via mail at However, be informed that a licensing fee token is required, which will afford you our content(s) without our signature and imprint. In plain terms, the content becomes – technically – yours.

NaijaPolitoons’ contents are suitable for use on;

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Websites and promotional materials
  • Books and published reports
  • Digital collection of cartoons
  • Other uses (as you will state in your email to us)

We would like you to, however, know that the licensing and permission to use our content for commercial and non-commercial uses, does not permit you to use the content in a manner that conflicts with our vision and values at NaijaPolitoons. You can visit the “About Us” page to know more about our ideals, values, mission and vision.

We sincerely hope that you comply with these conditions regarding the use of our contents. For more inquiry, you can reach out to us at

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