About Us

A non-profit public opinion channel aimed at projecting realities and stories within national and international socio-political and economic contexts, through cartooned contents and other relatable commentaries, ideally underscored by satire.

NaijaPolitoons responds, primarily, to the sustained call for efforts requisite for democratic consolidation and public engagement. Through our contents, we seek to enhance public awareness about governance issues, as they concern different social classes, ethnic divides, ideological leanings and individual interests. These span across both national and international stories.

Further, we join in supporting and advocating for the issues of global concern – the sustainable development goals, as spearheaded by the United Nations through its agencies. We believe in and desire to support the race for a sustainable future for all. We engage a multi-disciplinary lens in driving our agenda. This we do by pooling a team of young and emerging professionals with skills cutting across multiple fields. From creative arts to the social sciences, law and the sciences. Thus, with a balanced combination of content creators, creative designers, artists, legal practitioners and scientists, inter alia, and being collectively motivated by that ‘spirit of Naija’, we pursue our vision.

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